My submission for GMTK Game Jam 2019. A jumping game with only one platform. A platform that will assist you on this journey as high as possible.

Mouse - character movement
WASD - platform movement
LMB - stop character's jump early
RMB - shrink and slow down the platform

Meteors will kill you and destroy the platform, gas clouds will kill you but won't affect the platform and coins grant bonus points.

This was designed to be a singleplayer game, but it can be played with one player controlling the character and second one moving the platform.

This isn't the game that I originally wanted to make. But halfway through the first day I learned that I won't be able to do much during the second day. That left me with a started project that I wouldn't be able to finish. So I threw it onto an ever-growing pile of unfinished games and made this.

My devlog/post mortem from this Game Jam:

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